Innovations in medical science and advancements in patient care are progressing at an astonishing rate. Unprecedented opportunities exist to transform the nature of healthcare and improve patient outcomes. Unfortunately, there also exist many formidable challenges to the translation of new discoveries into practice. System complexity, misaligned priorities, poor teamwork and communication, and ineffective human-technology integration can all result in sub-optimal performance or even patient harm.

At HFACS, Inc. we specialize in helping healthcare organizations reach their full potential. Our HFACS approach to discovering the true, underlying systemic problems that can lead to poor performance or patient harm are scientifically derived and proven in the field. Our HFIX methodology is similarly robust and effective in facilitating the development of corrective actions, risk mitigation strategies and process improvement programs.

Whether your organization is seeking a more valid and effective approach for conducting root cause analysis (RCA) or improving its methods for proactively identifying and remedying performance barriers before they occur, HFACS, Inc. has the unique tools you need.

Developed originally in the military and aviation industries, our methodologies have been used by numerous fortune 500 companies including many well-renowned healthcare organizations. Our innovative tools and methods are also espoused by many accrediting agencies and patient safety organizations within the healthcare industry.

Let HFACS, Inc. help your healthcare organization optimize quality, improve safety and maximize performance!

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